The Cattle Project

The Howard Miami Mennonite Youth Group

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The Cattle Project

For Kokomo Urban Outreach


What is The Cattle Project?

Alan Mast, a junior at Northwestern High School, came up with the idea to raise beef steers and donate the meat to Kokomo Urban Outreach, a ministry that works with feeding the hungry. Alan has raised cattle for profit and desires to use his knowledge and skills to serve KUO. He, along with his church youth group, are going to purchase, feed, raise, and donate cattle to KUO.


Why would a church youth group bother?

Hunger is a major issue in Howard County. KUO works at helping the hungry by providing food and serving meals through several programs:

  • Food Pantries, a place that provides food once a month to families in need
  • Let’s Do Lunch Club, lunches served to school children when school is not in session  (summer time, holidays, school breaks)
  • Neighborhood Cafés, meals on Sunday evenings to make sure that no child goes to bed hungry before school on Monday
  • Buddy Bags, packing food for elementary school children to take home on weekends for meals

 The Howard-Miami Mennonite Youth Group first got involved with KUO during a service week in June 2008. They have continued to volunteer at KUO by packing Buddy Bags once a month. Thy youth see many ways that God is working through KUO and how needs are being met, and they are excited to do what they can to help. For every steer they donate, there will be enough meat for 4,000 – 5, 000 meals. This meat will help KUO fight hunger in Howard County! 

How can you help?

In order to provide as much meat as possible,

the Howard-Miami Mennonite Church Youth Group needs your help!

 Money: To help with the purchase of cattle and cattle feed (hay and grain).

 Hay and Grain: Donations or a discounted price on hay and grain in order to feed the cattle.

 January Chili Dinner: You are invited to attend a fundraiser meal that will raise money for The Cattle Project. All proceeds will go to the purchase of more cattle and feed.

 Checks can be made out to Howard-Miami Mennonite Youth Group, with The Cattle Project written in the memo line. Please contact Pastor Sarah at Howard-Miami Mennonite Church, (765) 395-7509, if you have any questions or if you have a donation for The Cattle Project.




Lesson's Pastor Sarah has learned from "The Cattle Project"    

On Friday, July 24, after a youth group Bible study at my house, Alan Mast came up to me and said, “I want to talk to you sometime about a youth group project.” Intrigued I asked him what he had in mind. That conversation was the start of The Cattle Project.

 For those of you who haven’t heard, the Howard-Miami youth group is going to purchase, feed, raise, and donate the meat from beef steers to Kokomo Urban Outreach, an organization that helps low-income families.

 Hunger is a major issue in Kokomo, and after volunteering several times at KUO, Alan noticed that meat is a rare item. His desire is for our youth group and people from our congregation and community to work together to raise cattle and donate quality meat to KUO as they strive to fight hunger problems in Howard County. (For every steer we donate, there will be enough meat to serve between 4,000 and 5,000 meals!)

 I knew nothing about cattle prior to this project, and although I’ve learned a great deal about them in the past few weeks, I have learned the most from observing my youth. I have learned about the value of… 

  • Teamwork: In the beginning stages of the cattle project, I was worried that the youth might not get on board. After all, this was Alan’s idea, and I didn’t know if the other youth would be excited or jealous or apathetic. Although they sometimes joke about this being the “Alan Mast Project,” all of the youth are working together, owning The Cattle Project as a youth group venture.
  • Hard work: The Martins have allowed us to use their barn for this project, but work had to be done on the inside and outside of the barn to be ready before we can purchase the cattle. As I write this, the youth have already spent several days, working hard, knowing that the job needs to get done, with another work day scheduled for Saturday.
  • Commitment: We are all very busy people and youth are no exception. Yet I have been amazed at their commitment level to this project. They have school, homework, sports, and music. Even though many things fill up their week, the youth make it a priority to get together to ready the barn.
  • Selflessly serving others: The very essence of The Cattle Project is that we will raise these beef steer and give it all away. This is not a money making venture or an attempt to have quality meat for our youth group or families. Out of their desire to serve others, the youth are committed to working hard together to make sure that others in Kokomo have enough to eat.

The youth are living out what it means to be the church. They are willing to work together, even if the work is hard and time-consuming. They are committed to the task of serving others.

My prayer is that the example of these youth, through their ministry of The Cattle Project, inspires all of us to also live out this type of meaning and purpose of God’s Kingdom work.  

                        --Pastor Sarah