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Week of: 11/12/2017

Ben Schlegel: "Triumph and Failure at the Gates of Hades"

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Sept 17 2017 Jesus is Lord! Ben Schlegel
Sept 24 2017 Forgiveness-- The door to Salvation Ben Schlegel
Oct 1 2017 Wall Vaulters and Gate Rovers Ben Schlegel
Oct 8 0217 Bodies: Treasure or Trivial? Ben Schlegel
Oct 15 2017 Do not reap to the edges of your fields Ben Schlegel
Oct 22 2017 Jesus is the Lord of Relationships Sarah Schlegel
Oct 29 2017 Cruise, Crash, or Cut out: Jesus and Addiction Ben Schlegel
Nov 5 2017 Work and Wisely Investing Ben Schlegel
Nov 12 2017 Triumph and Failure at the Gates of Hades Ben Schlegel